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Partly cloudy
hi: 39
low: 30
Partly cloudy
hi: 40
low: 32
Partly cloudy
hi: 29
low: 24
Partly cloudy
hi: 31
low: 22
Moderate or heavy snow showers
hi: 30
low: 16
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Winters are typically cold. New York winters sometimes feature snowstorms that can paralyze the city with over a foot of snow. However, variation in the climate also occasionally renders winter mild and almost snowless.

Springs are mild, averaging in the 50s °F in late March to the lower 80s °F in early June. The weather is unpredictable and brings relatively cool summers as an occasional surprise.

Summers in New York are hot and humid, with temperatures commonly exceeding 90 °F. Humidity levels are usually quite high in July and August. Thunderstorms are common in summer.

Autumns are comfortable in New York and similar to spring in temperature. However, the weather is notably unpredictable and travelers are advised to check forecasts and bring several layers of clothing in late fall and in the early spring months (e.g., November, March, April) as temperatures do fluctuate quickly at these times of year.

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